Marianne Holtermann was born in Norway and grew up there. She studied History of Art at the University of Oslo before moving to London in 1977 to join what at the time was known as Sotheby’s Works of Art – later renamed Sotheby’s Institute.

Following this course Marianne was offered permanent position as a junior cataloguer at Christie’s Prints department, a role which allowed her intense immersion in the printed oeuvre of her compatriot Edvard Munch.

In 1982 she moved to New York to start the gallery which later became Luhring Augustine.  While in New York Marianne was tasked by Ernst Beyeler to service and extend his Basel gallery’s network
of museum and private contacts. This was the start of an independent career as a dealer and consultant to important American and European collections.

In the early years, Marianne worked extensively with some of the most prominent collectors at the time including Nicholas C. Forstmann in New York and Joseph R. Shapiro in Chicago.  The latter’s collection was donated to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago upon his death.

Frances R. Dittmer, a close friend and the driving force behind the Refco Collection, said that Marianne ‘has one of the best eyes in the business’ when in 1995 on Marianne’s advice she purchased Gerhard Richter’s painting Nuba from 1965. The painting was sold at auction for ten times the purchased price in 2010.

A love for her home country of Norway has led Marianne to focus on working with collections of international contemporary art there. Through her extensive network of contacts she has created opportunities for collectors in Norway to acquire works by both emerging and blue-chip artists.  Important commissions by some of the most well-known artists have been undertaken for both private and public collections and major artworks have found their way
to Norway.

In the recent past Marianne has also worked with museums in China and Hong Kong developing museum shows and collections.

Marianne is married to Lance Entwistle, the world’s foremost dealer in tribal art from Africa and Oceania. They have two children and live in London.