Tony Oursler: Commission for Ekeberg Sculpture Park


Site-specific installations at Ekeberg Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway
Klang, 2013
Spectral Power. Φeλ, 2013
Cognitive / Dissonance, 2013

For the inauguration of the Ekerberg Sculpture Park in 2013, Holtermann Fine Art commissioned Tony Oursler to create three site-specific installations: KlangSpectral Power. Φeλ and Cognitive / Dissonance. Inspired by the geographical, cultural and socio-political environment of the park, the three works initiate a dialogue between human figure, landscape and language. They form a playful and symbolic ensemble that illustrate Oursler's ongoing investigation of our relationship with images and language in the context of digital communication.

New-York based artist Tony Oursler uses video and digital technologies
to create sculptural and immersive works that borrow from the universe of Victorian magic shows and camera obscura, whilst being simultaneously rooted in the artist's passion for networked communications and digital media.

Located in a national heritage site in the southeast of the city of Oslo, Ekeberg Sculpture Park houses one of the most spectacular collections of modern and contemporary sculptures in Norway. 


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Ekeberg Sculpture Park
Kongsveien 23
0193 Oslo